CP Funding 1 Plc is an issuer of short-term notes, providing a quick and cost effective way of raising working capital for businesses. Self- liquidating assets with automatic rollover option.


A fully compliant securitisation and issuance platform, based in the UK and uses English Law as its legal framework.

It is available in USD, EUR, GBP currencies and the maturity might be 90/180/365 days. 

This opportunity to invest direct to supply chain managers, who are led by senior executives with decades of experience managing the assets and risks of global trade, offers attractive returns of benchmark Libor + 2.00% per annum, which are paid upon maturity. 


CP Funding 1 Plc's products are listed in Frankfurt and Tallinn and are compliant with the European Money Market Institute's Short Term Euro Paper (STEP) programme. 

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